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Sport requires communication. A photo from your phone in your social media profile is no longer enough. Fans, competitors and sponsors require professional activities focused on creating and distributing content, both in traditional and social media.
Team / competitor / we are part of the team, we take care of you, all your team members. We shoot not only the action, but also whole background.
ORGA / Every event needs media support. To advertise the rally, to keep the communication alive, but also to offer participants additional services.
Sponsors / Motorsport needs sponsors. That's the fact. But sponsors need materials. High quality photos with right brand visibility. We prefer to shoot real life / lifestyle photos and also studio ones. 
OMYY Motorsport Media
I'm Mika, motorsport photographer. My life was always connected with automotive and photography. I was finally able to merge that two areas founding OMYY Motorsport Media. 

With friends we love to be close to the action, to save your memories. 

During years we were working at the most important rally events around the world. 
It'll be a pleasure for us to work with you. Feel free to send us booking enquiry and we'll get back to you shortly with our proposal.
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