22 December 2021

Greece attracts tourists from all over the world with its rich history, cuisine, culture, beautiful views. The advantages of this amazing piece of Europe are effectively used by the organisers of one of the largest rallies in Europe, Hellas..

Hellas is a rally with ten years of history, included in the official calendar of FIM Europe. The last edition gathered almost 250 crews, mainly motorcyclists, from all over the world. What makes this rally so special, apart from the views, is the incredibly difficult navigation, described by many as the most difficult they have ever experienced, and the atmosphere which puts the rivalry on a par with camaraderie.

-Despite a broken steering bar, I finished Hellas Rally 2021 in 3rd place. It was one of the most difficult navigation rallies in Europe. 7 days of racing and almost 2000 km in the saddle. I gained new experiences and met fantastic people.- this is how Marcin Talaga sums up his participation in the last edition.

What can we expect in the next edition, which will be held on 22-29 May 2022? First of all, a completely new area. This time the organizers invite to the mountains of central Greece, near the charming Loutraki.

-This is an amazing area, located only 40km from Athens. I think the routes will be a big surprise, we have prepared about 1700km of special stages and only 140km of liaisons! The camp itself, located by the sea, is also hosting the Acropolis Rally. It is also worth mentioning about the possibility of 4x4 cars participation in Hellas Adventure Raid. This possibility has been requested by many for a long time.- says Meletis Stamatis, Hellas Rally organiser.

Traditionally, the Hellas Rally is divided into two basic categories.

The Hellas Rally Raid is a strictly sporting rally. Motorcyclists, quad riders and SSV vehicle crews will compete in the following classes:

Class Capacity
M1 up to 290cc
M2 300-390cc
M3 400-475cc
M4 480-600cc
M5 650-750cc
M6: 650-1300cc
RC (Enduro Cup) -

The navigation on Greek routes is based only on classic roadbook.

Participants will compete for victory in trophies:

  • Women
  • Juniors
  • Veterans
  • Malle Moto.

Hellas Adventure Raid, on the other hand, is an increasingly popular tourist type of rally, intended for participants who do not want to focus on the competition, but on the ride itself.

The participants of the Hellas Adventure Raid appreciate the presence of top riders, camping together, the opportunity to watch the best, but most of all the opportunity to experience an unforgettable adventure and see the breathtaking sights of Greece, says Marc Collins, Moto World Tours, leader of the Hellas Adventure Raid.

This initiative is appreciated not only by tourists, but also by professionals who are looking for a bit of life slowing down. Some of the most famous participants of the Hellas Adventure Raid include Dirk von Zitzewitz, multiple World Champion.

For the Hellas Adventure Raid, the organisers have provided the following classes:

Class Capacity
R1 250-700cc
R2 650-1300cc

In this case, the navigation is based on GPS devices, although for those willing the organisers have also provided roadbooks.

-Hellas Adventure Raid is one of those events, which already has its reputation. The multitude of route configurations allows everyone to safely choose the optimal route for themselves. This is not only an opportunity to test your skills, but also to spend a few days on two wheels and arm yourself with beautiful memories. Mountain routes in Greece can be demanding, which is confirmed by our students, but nothing is difficult for those who want it.- says Zbigniew Tarnawski, ADV Academy.

So who is Hellas Rally/Adventure Raid for? First of all, for all those who want to take the challenge of finishing the rally in picturesque Greece. The multitude of categories allows everyone to participate, from novices to professionals. The unique atmosphere makes the participants come with whole families, cheering them on the routes. In addition, the newly introduced class of cars in the Adventure, opens completely new opportunities for fans of off-road tourism.

More photos from the rally: https://omyy.fromsmash.com/_dZv1NcyCI-dt.

Rally website: https://hellasrally.org

ADV Academy website: https://advacademy.pl


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