Photography, videography, public relations, copywriting, social media, graphic design, web development. All for motorsport.
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Sport requires communication. A photo from your phone in your social media profile is no longer enough. Fans, competitors and sponsors require professional activities focused on creating and distributing content, both in traditional and social media.
We're working with teams, ORGAs and sponsors.
You know how difficult is to handle all the media: photographers, videographers, copywriters, social media gurus, graphic designers, web developers, public relations. Taking care of all of them requires special skills. What if... OMYY would take care of that? One single point of contact for you.
Photography / Rally, documentary and advertisement photography. Unique workflow gives us possibility to deliver almost "real time" images.
Videography / Video recording, video production.
Public Relations / Media inspiration, newsroom, distribution of press materials to selected database of journalists, short & long texts suitable for social media and official press materials.
Social Media / Running social media profiles. Especially Instagram and Facebook.
Graphic & web design / Graphic design of all materials needed in team communication. Web design and web administration of rally team websites.
We are OMYY. We are 360° motorsport media agency. What does it mean? It means that we know everything about media in motorsport. From media content creation to media distribution. We understand all sides: competitors, fans, orgas. On top, sponsors. 
How it's possible? We came from motorsport world. That's so simple! 
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